Civil Rights, Terms of Agreement, You Stepped on my Toes…

There’s been a lot of fuss about this gay marriage debate… and there really shouldn’t be…

But there has been some excellent points made. I think one of the best points I’ve heard came from my younger brother.

I personally believe homosexuality to be wrong. As a mechanic I thoroughly understand that two bolts can’t hold anything down or stay together with a properly fitted nut to insert them into. The same goes the other way, two nuts won’t be effective without their bolts…

but I guess one would call that splitting hairs; or being shallow.

However I disagree that this debate belongs in the courts. If a gay … couple… wishes to share in a partnership then I suppose that is their right… it would fall under ‘Pursuit of Happiness” of our three “un-alienable rights.” So the legal decision should be clear and simple… why the debate?

On the other hand, we find the very definition of homosexuality and marriage hangs in the balance.

But my younger brother made a very valid point on the topic… He states: “Recognizing Gay marriage as a civil right would define homosexuality as a condition from birth classifying homosexuals as their own race. This definition, while wrapped in a noble civil rights movement for freedom, is laying the ground work for their own destruction by separating themselves from the rest of us.”

That’s the best argument I’ve seen yet.. because to bring religion into it is childish… if this is a religious debate then it belongs in the churches not our government.

The government and laws should play no part in this discussion. It is the people’s problem. People should be allowed to make their own decisions, therefore if two men or two women wish to enter a marriage contract then they are free to do so… that action doesn’t infringe on my rights why should I care? But they shouldn’t expect just any church or pastor to marry them, and If a pastor or church refuses then the couple should accept that, because to complain would then be an infringement on the pastor’s or churches religious beliefs.

Rush Limbaugh is right… regardless of the court’s decision Gay marriage will become legal. Because it won’t be stopped.

It is a lifestyle choice… it could be considered a form of religion… as long as it doesn’t infringe on another person’s constitutional rights then I see no problem with it.

I think it is wrong and immoral.. but so is half the stuff we watch on t.v.
so is drugs
the 21st century dating scene
and most reality shows on TLC…

that doesn’t make it a court issue… stop wasting my hard-earned tax dollars…


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